Functional Composite Materials Research Center


To lead application of advanced functional composite material basic and source technologies


To verify microscopic phenomena in composite materials and to develop high-functional composite materials based on the verification result

  • Multifunction, low-dimensional nanomaterial
  • Composite material for
    electronic device
  • Composite material for
    extreme environments
  • Smart composite material for
    climate change response
  • Study on quantum phenomena in
    functional composite materials


Composite Design
  • electron
  • phonon
  • photon


Nano Filler

Applied quantum
composite materials
  • Quantum mechanicsElectric charge and energy
    delivery analysis and application
  • High-performance
    electronic material
    Flexible/ transparent electrode
    Electromagnetic wave shielding material
    High heat radiating packaging material
  • Smart composite materialIntelligent composite material
    New concept self-healing material
  • Functional new materialGas barrier
    multifunctional sensor material
Understanding microscopic phenomena in materials and
application to functional composite material development
  • Studying new physical
    phenomena through
    low-dimensional nanomaterial
    application and discovering
    functional composite materials
  • Developing conductor to allow
    high current and heat radiating
    material for response to
    high-performance electronic
    devices of the future
  • Developing state-of-the-art
    functional materials for military
    use and evaluation
  • Functional convergence
    material design to develop
    new materials for extreme
  • Smart composite material
    development for climate
    change response
기능성복합소재 연구센터 단체 사진

Key technology

  • Nano filler formation in composites, surface characteristics, orientation design-based physical property control and improvement
  • Understanding and application of heat/ electric charge delivery in various matrices

Key research subjects

  • Development of micro packaging nanocomposites for high heat/ electric charge emission
  • Multifunctional BN (boron nitride) nanofiller development for innovative characteristic improvement
  • 2D material-based physical property design and application development for new functional composite material creation